When considering survival food, beans and rice might not be part of your foods strategy for emergency, but they are known to be long lasting, providing a complete protein when you combine them. You can decide to go for various legumes which you might find easier or like better for digestion purposes as compared to the beans. You could settle for things such as lentils or the red kidney beans.
Flexible foods
With survival food, the best are those which will be able to give you some sought of flexibility as it will ensure that you don’t get bored for eating the same meal every now and then. Powdered milk that has been dried might not be something that will ensure that you remain satisfied when you take it on its own, but it can be utilized in creating cheese, yogurt, bread and puddings.
Foods which happen to have some trading value might as well be considered in the recipes that you have and barter for whenever you get tired of eating out from your own stock.
Foods which you don’t have to cook
You should include in your survival food some foods which will need processing before you eat, like the red wheat berries, but alternatively, in the few days, you don’t have to expect to do a lot of cook. You will need to carry foods which are ready to eat. The grid of electricity could be down or there might be a need to leave the area. If you are on transit, you will not have that time of creating a fire and going ahead to cook. You should ensure that you have several light weight food sources which don’t need heat.