Which is the best Norelco shaver?

Which is the best Norelco shaver?

Norelco this is also one of the best trustable company which gives you the appliances in best affordable price. It gives outstanding quality, superiority, and price too. Philips has introduced Norelco.Which is the best Norelco shaver?

The look upon the main aim is that best Norelco shaves which it can be or they can be.

The best Norelco shavers are.

  • Philips Norelco one blade
  • Philips Norelco 2110

These are the shavers which are best and also which gives best result

Philips Norelco one blade

Philips one hand shaver is serviceable and handy shaver. Philips Norelco shaver is not good for clean shaving but gives excellent things that we are in need with like touch, age, or trim. Without all nasty cuts.


The Phillips Norelco shaver is light and maneuverable. The grip is almost rubberized and textured for the better comfort. The elements of shaving are almost affixed and flexible to contour your face. And makes you allows you to shave confidently. The duel protection system in cutter shear hairs is comfortable and not to close to skin.


Norelco One blade shaver can be used in shower as it is having water resistance and it is cordless.

As there is specification mention you can also have dry shave.

Now to move on for the main function is that you need to recharge the battery for 24 hours at least. Because the shaver battery has 45 minutes life to make it use. So, the average recharge should be of 8 hours. Depending on how much time you use the shaver. Also, it can last for several months.

If it’s time to replace blade it is fairly easy and the quality ensures up to 4 months.

Philips Norelco 2110

Philips Norelco 2110 it is kind of premium electric shaver. It is having durable blades and also it is easy to clean.


Philips Norelco 2110 has been designed as per the weight and balance for the better handling grip.

The shaver is manual and all set to style and trim without any hassle. The only thing it doesn’t have textured grip.

There are 3 cutting elements with the 4 direction of shaving head for the shaving and also makes it easy to shave neck and Jaw line. It is durable which has sharp sharpening blades to ensure the efficiency shave after shave. Replacement are little bit of expensive but will not need soon.


First you need to pop up the head to open up. Rinse the blades thoroughly. You can wash under tap or with warm water to ensure that it is properly wash.

When the complete shaving is done it has a pop-up trimmer to maintain and trim mustache. Through it won’t be close to the actual trimmer.As it is cordless and waterproof you can use that in water. But it can run only in cordless mode not when the shaver is while charging.

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For the best use and without any problem Philips brands are amazing to use. As they have good consumption power with portable material.