Who invented the electric shaver?

Who invented the electric shaver?

Colonel Jacob Schick obtained the patent for the dry electric shavers. The date of the patent is 13 May 1930. The patent number is 1,757,978. The idea of the electric razor is coming in his mind when got injury by gold exploration in Alaska and British Columbia in the early year of 1910.Who invented the electric shaver?

Rejection of the idea of electric shaver

When he suggests his idea about the manufacturing of the electric shaver to the company. The company rejected this idea and said it as bulky invention. But he wants to manufacture the electric shaver with the best performance.

He wished to produce this shaver which will be usable for the military personnel of the world War-I. By inspiring weaponry, in the year of 1925, he launched his first company. The company’s work is to develop Magazine repeating razor.

The principle of the repeating firearms and blades of the clips are used in the design of the razor. It is loaded to the razor without touching. The working of the Magazine repeating razors was going well but his mid was stacked into the electric shaver. He went back to his inventions int the year of 1927.

The first electric shaver company

He was very well known with the potential of the electric shaver, so hold his team of the company to capitalize new invention for the electric shavers, in the year of 1928. In the year 1930, one factory launched by him under the work of Dry Shavers.

But he was not satisfied with this factory also. He wanted to open a new factory with the 100 workers in Stamford. Day by day, the market liked the shavers of him and his business increases.

In the year of 1940, in Delaware, he launched a factory under the name Rainbow of the dry shavers. It renamed as Schick.inc in the year of 1946. But in the year of 1981, the Norelco acquired the right of whole operations of the company.

The place where this factory of electric shaver was located is became the place of Norelco head manufacturing office, the Stamford. Click Here best men’s electric razor

Types of the electric shaver

  1. Rotary electric shaver
  • Applicable the thick and coarse hair
  • Use two or three times per month
  1. Foil electric shaver
  • Applicable for short-length or fine hair
  • It can easily use on a daily basis

Norelco Electric shaver

Norelco Electric shaver is one of the most recommendable electric shaverswhich is ordered through both either offline shops or by using online shopping sites.

The electric shavers are easily available in the following places –

  1. Medical stores
  2. Supermarket

The benefits of the Norelco electric shaver

  1. It gives the clean and close shave
  2. It available at reasonable cost
  3. It provides fine shaving without skin injury or irritation.
  4. The sharp angles, jawline or neck area also easily shaved by using this shaver because this one is easily twisted in this critical area of shaving.

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Even though continues rejection for the manufacturing of the electric, Mr. Jacob Schick opened the factory which is famous for the best electric shavers and nowadays, most of the men are recommended this one shaver for fine and close shaving.