Why Choose Fire Watch Guards?

What exactly are Fire Watch Guards? How do they differ from standard fire alarms? A fire watch is designed to supplement the existing monitoring system for a fire alarm, not replace it. A monitored system will alert the fire department of any unusual activities or any other type of emergency. Fire watches are designed to be installed on premises of companies doing business in an urban area, where regular fire alarm systems would probably not be able to detect unusual activity. A monitored system will also alert the company’s personnel of any incidents that need immediate attention.

What are the benefits of having a fire watch? According to many experts, fire watches provide the best protection available for senior management and executives of large companies. A guard is usually a regular member of the fire crew, with at least 15 years on the job experience. The guard has the ability to grant approvals for fire watches across the state, while the fire marshal has the jurisdiction to issue additional permits for active fire watches.

Fire watch services usually have a basic program, which includes fire lookout drills, notification of personnel of unusual activity near buildings, reporting of unusual fire hazards and the placing of unauthorized watches. Some fire watch services include fire engineering services, such as placing of portable fire extinguishers and the inspection of fire doors. However, most of them also include basic fire fighting services, such as emptying buckets and pumping fire hose reels, among other services.

Why should you hire a fire watch guard? According to experts, the main reason why you should hire a guard is the effectiveness of his or her fire protection system. Guards are often employed in high-rise buildings, where the system fails to detect a fire in time and they are required to arrive on the spot immediately. Furthermore, they ensure that a fire alarm system works properly and also ensure that the fire service arrives quickly. A well-maintained fire alarm system is also important, as it can protect both residents of the building and the fire fighters and other personnel who attend the scene of the incident.

What are the requirements for a guard? Most states require employers to hire guards who have undergone training regarding fire safety systems and laws pertaining to fire prevention. Moreover, most states require a guard to undergo background checks to ensure that he or she is not prohibited to work in the security services field due to previous incidents of negligence. Lastly, the position also requires you to be able to work independently, without being required to report to anyone, and to know the basics of emergency fire protection systems.

Are there any disadvantages of hiring fire watch guards? Although most of the states require the posting of guards, some also allow employers to choose their guards and can decide whether they want to hire them or not. It is important that you are clear about the responsibilities of a guard and whether you would want to work on a rotating basis or on a permanent contract. On a permanent contract, you will have a fixed monthly salary and your duties will remain the same throughout your employment. However, on a rotating basis, you can get paid more or less depending on the turnover rate and the experience level of your staff.

December 3, 2020